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Tangle Patch

Surface Pattern Designs
for Kids




Calming yet playful with a mottled clay texture, these designs feature botanical and geometric elements in earth tones of copper orange, clay brown, sage green, deep sea blue, sandy cream, eggshell blue and dirt brown to form this collection for a sophisticated, gender-neutral nursery, kid's bedroom or playroom or for fabric for children's apparel

and accessories.


Flowers, butterflies, caterpillars and leaves along with geometric blenders and solid coordinates in a modern boho color palette for a girl's nursery wallpaper and decor, girl's clothing and accessories or mom accessories (nursing pillow, diaper bag, nursing cover).


Created with baby boys and toddlers in mind, from nursery wallpaper and decor to swaddles and rompers. Colors are gray, teal, sea foam green, brown, rust and goldenrod. Motifs are owls, stars, moons, shapes... plus stripes, grids and solids.


Spring and summer girly collection of botanical and organic geometric patterns along with classic stripes, plaids and polka dots with matching solids. This cheerful and dramatic color palette includes: kelly green, cyan blue, coral, baby pink, cream, black and cerulean blue.


Stylized depictions of weather create this mid-century modern collection for boys in sea foam green, teal, slate gray, milk chocolate brown, ochre and rust. Perfect for your little weather bug or future meteorologist!

What is a surface pattern designer?

Surface pattern designers are artists who create seamless pattern repeats to be used on any applicable surface in order to add more interest to the product.

If you look around right now.
What do you see?
There's a good chance that top you're wearing, coffee mug you're drinking from, sofa you're sitting on or day planner you're writing in were enhanced with a surface pattern design.

My specialty is surface pattern designs with babies and kids in mind, specifically clothing and accessories. 
I work in collections that have:
a hero (the main print or pattern)
> coordinates that tie colors and motifs together
> blenders that are smaller in scale and support the larger, busier patterns 
> solids of each color used in the collection's palette      

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